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Gold price inflates by Tk1,400 per bhori

The Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (Bajus) Tuesday (25 June) increased the price of gold by Tk 1,400 per bhori, followed by a price hike in the local bullion market.

The new prices will come into effect from Wednesday.

Gold of 22-carat was hiked by Tk 1,400 to Tk 1,18,355 per bhori (11.664 grams), 21-carat by Tk 1,341 to Tk 1,12,977, 18-carat by Tk 1,143 to Tk 96,834, and gold of traditional method by Tk 946 to Tk 80,062 respectively.

The price of 22 carat silver is Tk 2,100, 21 carat is Tk 2,006, 18 carat is Tk 1, 715 and traditional method is Tk 1, 283.

Bajus has revised the prices 29 times this year.