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Community takes action in Limehouse

Tower Hamlets Council, partners and residents took part in a community action day at Rectory Gardens, Limehouse on Saturday 31 August.
The day was organised together with the local safer neighbourhood ward panel following a neighbourhood walkabout where residents highlighted a set of actions that could be taken to clean-up and improve the area. This included reclaiming spaces that have been a magnet for antisocial behaviour (ASB).
John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets said: “It’s great to see such positive community involvement in local initiatives like action days. They are excellent opportunities for residents to come together and create cleaner, safer environments. They send a clear message that antisocial behaviour is not welcome in our borough.”
Councillor Asma Begum, Deputy Mayor andCabinet Member for Community Safety and Equalities, said: “It‘s fantastic to see such enthusiasm and commitment from local residents to improving their neighbourhood. As well as making local spaces more pleasant, action days provide important opportunities for residents to meet local partners and discuss any concerns they may have. This engagement is vital for us to then work together and take positive action to address issues that are raised.”
Activities undertaken on the day included cleaning away rubbish, painting and redecorating open spaces and replacing fencing panels.
The action day was planned to coincide with seasonal peaks in ASB and crime. Members of the Limehouse Ward Panel, which brings residents, the police and council together to focus on local crime priorities, also got their hands dirty.
Action days and neighbourhood walkabouts form part of the council’s Safer Together campaign, which works with the police to tackle crime, drug dealing and ASB.
Limehouse was the first ward panel to hold an action day. Further events across the borough are now being planned..