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Life support demands immediately to release Shafiq Rehman in London.

HHThe all walks of expatriate Bangladeshis living in London demand immediately to release of prominent journalist, intellectual and writer Shafiq Rehman organised by ‘life support’s Shafiq Rehman’ at Al Hamra Restaurant in London. Speakers claimed to free Shafiq Rehman , express freedom of speech and freedom of the press. They also strongly demanded to withdraw false case of Shafiq rehman and release other detained journalists. The veteran Journalist Rehman has been arrested on charges that it was groundless and imaginary Speakers claimed

 They also accused the US of planning to kill prime minister Son that court has rejected the verdict and the United States are not affected in any way the Prime Minister of bribery in connection with the transactions referred to their verdict.

 The life support president journalist Shamsul Alam Liton said that the main reason of arresting Shafiq Rehman stop writing against government because of Shafiq Rehman has collected plenty of evidences of Prime Minister Son’s corruptions. They also arrested our editor of Mahmubur Rahman and 4 years in prison on charges of torture and unfair before the editing of the magazine stopped publishing my country and Shawkat Mahmud denounced the arrest and assault of a large number of cases demanded their immediate release.

Speakers strongly condemned unlawful arrest all the democratic activists, journalists and organizers across the country and demanded immediately their release. Earlier, Bangladesh Bank 101 million dollars hacked, plunge the hundreds of disappearances, murders and violence against the media and civil society ultimately failed, the Bangladesh government to refrain from using fear to keep this kind of criticism that has chosen the path of violence voiced speakers.

Ex -student leader Mr Md Mahbubur Rahaman strongly criticised the arrest of Rehman, saying it was nothing but reflection of dictatorship of ruling party.

Another ex -student deader Mr.Md. Musharaf Hussin strongly condemned the arrest of Rehman and said that through the arrest of a brave journalist like Shafiq, the government wanted to divert people’s attention from its terrible misrule, including killing, force disappearance, attack on opposition man.

 The more people were presented in this meeting Barrister Mahadi hasan, secretary general of the London Press Club Bengali Emdadul Haque Chowdhury, Abu Taher Chowdhury, President of Bangladesh Journalists Association, the UK, the UK’s Channel UK managing director Bengali Press Shoaib Choudhury, president of the UK Forum enapartaisa Alia Hussain and baristara mamajibura Rahman’s lawyer Barrister tamija forum leader, journalist Waliullah Noman, Ex- student leader Md Mahbubur Rahaman, Mr.Md. Musharaf Hussin , Md Jahangir Alam Shimu, Suhedul Hasan, Gorib Hossain , and many more.