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Wisdom (Hikma) Quranic word, lacking in most Muslims


Fatema Miah:

Wisdom a fundemental quality in Human being that’s must for human and social positivity, always a minimum amount is must in every human being for societical integrational and definitely for relational dealings, to maintain a decent cooperative exchanges for system in society. Is training courses  needed for that?
It has been a norm to maintain a cooperative social system for positive, of course  unless otherwise there negative reactionsm arises.  Human being learnt such basic rule by interaction and of course wisdom comes in it, more or less, further prudence and though contribute to it and prudence is part/branch of wisdom.
When I see politicise, in it often the phrases are played disproportionately and as a fashion of time manner, repeated copied, repeated, brought in most conversation to short cut the topic matter and in doing so the phrases are often misused and causes trouble, or used, abused and even turn out to be provocative.
Previously I wrote about genderisation in the name of equality is horrendously causing suffering to helpless women, for the passion of loud speaking few women’s desires of popularity, and they are from the inequality causing class.
The minority word I found it is another factor. By using such phrase there are disadvantages caused to good quality and real good skills invalidated and caused suffering. In my teachers training, in equality semester I talked about simple justice/fair, in it needs must be the category to take into consideration to serve fairly.
Further in my article  Typicalsm I expressed frustration about tick boxing categorical so called trainings. Back to, About Wisdom and Knowledge, there is a simple and old example of Tomatoes are fruit, that’s knowledge and you don’t add tomatoes to your fruit salad that’s wisdom. Factually, would that be dietary wrong or social unpleasant?
However, about politicised phrases, knowingly or unknowingly, soon or later, politicised phrases are seem to be randomly used in misplaces, thoughtlessly. It is, lacking in wisdom. I often don’t get on with Muslims, Asian; doctors, barristers, politicians (except for few ie, Sajids like few uk) because of bias, steriotyping, completely wrong, 100% opposite to truth assumptive talk nature, aha, from their vicinity view/ knowledge.
Then again, the politicise phrases are in their regular vocabulary use.  To be wise, can education only input it? No, as far as I gathered that’s where the wrong is often, the misuse goes in, per politicise has immunised into education.  When people were labouring for survival and maintaining family, they said to be weren’t politically much correct, though seemingly there wisdom was present and placed well. (Not much  in every community, I must admit to shield my backside).
It’s about Zakir Naik, what got me to touch on Hikma the Wisdom. Quran instructed about Hikma, the Wisdom. Human beings since civilisation began, some individuals used Hikma the Wisdom, they were known as wiseman, and most people regarded their Wisdom and took guide upon that. Nowadays, everyone is in the  race/battle for preaching with hear and say.
Hearing and reading has the fundemental aspect of input, to take inwards, to processing and to understand, not necessarily to go and dictate vocalising, I am talking about preaching anywhere and as anytime not as when and where fit. Certainly they aren’t fearful of own mistakes or likely hood of misplaced. And the worse is misdelivery. About rising this  I am very sad in myself, I do try and have been respectful of Zakir Naik for his extraordinary memory capacity and love of faith Islam. Despite, I regretfully, have to say  his speech style don’t, and often doesn’t impress me.
Same way, or for the same reason, I find gap in, between the most Muslims and my talk preference style. Why only me,  truth is British Asian Muslim this generation and last generation most young men and boys are same (those not brain washed), They, often quietly do joke those random phrases. UK, Solihull, local non-Muslims moaned before me, being upset from British Solihull Muslims womens talk in Dawah.  (The Solihull Muslims made lies about me, striking on my back, why to injure and to disable me, why? for my differ talking style.)
Simple example here, as such; when Zakir Naik spoke in Malaysia, I can understand his emotion about India situation. His talk made me to gape. I, in natural way, my saying is, being pleased about Malaysian diversity peace, it’s such pleasure to see people there are in peace, the non Muslins are treated very well and they are also  appreciative.   There, in India Muslims aren’t  in happy situation. Malaysia is an example I say world can learn from.  Would Zakir Naik seek Muslims unity to gather together to make him right to wrong  Malaysian non Muslims reacting against dearest Indian Pak minded Mr Naik Ji? Bengali scholars are there, and many in Malaysia, (Not in asylum) for dawah and education, they aren’t offending anyone there.
For political minds, the word Minority is must. And straight cut, Zakir Naik said,  Minority non Muslims are better treated  here under majority Muslims, and there in India Muslims are Minority and treated bad by Non Muslims. They don’t realise their words are sharp and pointed in the wrong direction, scaring others that they’ll be hurt soon. Back to minority and I still stick to my simple understanding of ‘needs’ and differences. Minority word politicise not surely justice. For example, One baby in the family needs liquid food, rest are solid eaters, do we need minority  here to do justice to fullfil the need of that baby?  Otherwise for majoritys need be provided only?
I will have to write another article with more examples of wisdom versus politicised phrases.  An Example will be my late father and his late oldest brother like few devout Muslims came to UK goes back to 1930s and word Minority wasn’t politicised, English wasn’t their mother language, neither Hindi/Urdu or Parci was their 1st language. Another Example, British Minority people ruled entire word; the Majority Indians, Muslims, and Afros.
No, offence, and do not plan attack on me because you misunderstanding due to your lacking qualities, or misperception, or differ perspective.  Welcome to debate, challenge and  contradiction. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com