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Govt trying to unleash violence to suppress movement: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday alleged that the ruling Awami League is trying to unleash violence in a planned way to suppress the ongoing anti-government movement.

“The ministers and the ruling party leaders have been saying one thing repeatedly for a few days that there will be arson violence and BNP will play with fire again. But it’s a planned statement and they themselves are going to carry out such activities,” he said.

Speaking at a round table discussion, the BNP leader said the ruling party has already gained some success by talking about violence as various embassies are issuing alerts for their citizens to the possibility of confrontations as the elections are approaching, UNB reports.

“Awami League is creating confrontations and it is now terrifying people about confrontations and it is also indulging in violence,” he observed.

Fakhrul said the government has attacked BNP’s recent peaceful rallies in Khulan, Rajbari, Netrokona and Patuakhali as part of its move to unleash violence. “They (AL) are doing this as they think violence is the only way to stop the protest. They want to suppress the demands of the people by creating violence.”

The Association of Engineers, Bangladesh (AEB) organised the programme on ‘plundering’ in the energy sector at a city hotel.

Fakhrul said their party has been trying to unite the political parties, individuals and organisations for establishing a pro-people government by ousting the current regime. “Many parties have been carrying out simultaneous movement with us… the movement that has begun must reach its final stage.”

He urged all professionals to take part in the anti-government movement in unison, forgetting differences and misunderstandings among themselves.

The BNP leader said Awami League has started seeking votes again to continue its ‘plundering’ for five more years.

He said the ruling party is also urging the opposition to participate in the polls under them without a level-playing field and the freedom of expression. “They (govt) have already started the game by arresting our leaders and workers, torturing and harassing them and implicating them in ‘false’ cases.”

Fakhrul warned that the people of Bangladesh will no longer participate in any ‘stage-managed’ election and they will not step into this trap.

He said their party does not want to engage in violence and confrontation as their goal is to realise their demands peacefully.

“Accept our demand for a non-partisan (polls-time) government and then the election will be held in a credible and peaceful manner. There will be no elections in the country without a caretaker government,” the BNP leader said.