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Biman launches world class cost effective flight solution

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has launched world class integrated flight dispatch solution named ‘Lido/Flight 4ED’, developed by German Lufthansa System, to enhance flight safety as well as to reduce flight cost.

The system provides timely and accurate forecasts for flight times, distances, and headings, as well as real-time updates on weather and airspace conditions based on certified high-quality aeronautical data.

The solution supports dispatchers in evaluating the optimal route, while taking current flight-related data into account while it enables airlines to optimize their flying time, costs, and fuel consumption, resulting in fuel savings of up to 5 percent.

“We have been choosing the best tools and infrastructure to enhance our digital capabilities and the new solution will advance Biman towards its journey to become a smart airline,” said Biman’s Managing Director and CEO Shafiul Azim at the inaugural ceremony at the airlines headquarters Balaka in the capital.

He said the national flag carrier is the first ever airlines in Bangladesh aviation history to use this kind of modern solution that has been using world renowned airlines like Emirates, Qatar, British and Singapore.

Biman officials said the flag carrier would be able to save more than Tk 20 crore annually only from its Saudi Arabia and the UK routes by using the new flight dispatch solution.

Lufthansa system CEO for Asia pacific region Tom Vandendael, Biman’s director flight operation Siddique Rahman and Chief of Technical Captain Tanvir Khurshid also spoke among others.