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Mango, litchi start appearing in Khulna markets

With three days left to begin of the Bangla month of Jyestha, commonly known as “Modhumash”, the juicy fruit litchi and mango have started appearing in the local markets including Khulna city and its adjacent areas.

The fruit shops of Khulna are now brimming with delicious summer fruits. The price of litchis and mangoes are within the grasp of customers amid bumper production, with high demand in the city markets, reports BSS.

During a visit to several fruit retailers in the city today, this reporter found that varieties of mangoes are being sold at Taka 130 to Taka 140 per kg. Purchasing mangoes and litchi from fruit shops and different makeshift markets are seen in the city.

Asaduzzaman Manik, the owner of Manik Fol Vander (Manik Fruit Store), said the prices of Gobinda and Gopalvog mango are being sold at Taka 120 to Taka 150 per kilogram. Price is a little more as Gopalvog is not available in the markets.

With the increase in supply, the price will decrease within a week, Manik said, adding that the intense heat wave was a challenge this year, but it doesn’t affect the price.

Seasonal traders set up makeshift shops at different points in the city especially Boro Bazar, Clay Road, KCC’s Sandha Bazar (evening kitchen market) Dakbangla, Picture Palace intersection, Moyla Pota intersection, West Makwat Road, Gallamari, Rupsha Bazar, Bhairab Stand Road, Kalibari Road, KD Ghosh Road, New Market area, Khalishpur and Daulatpur kitchen markets with eye-catching fruits.

Meanwhile, varieties of litchi, including China-3, were seen selling at reasonable prices.

Abdul Momin, owner of ‘Vai Vai Fol Vander (Vai Vai Fruit Store) at Dakbangla Clay Road told BSS “Every bunch of 100 local litchis is being sold from Taka 350 to Taka 400, and China-3 is being sold from Taka 450 to Taka 500 based on quality.

Bombai and Bedana litchi will be available within 5 or 6 days, and the price is high as the supply is scanty, but the price will be reduced to some extent after sufficient supply, he added regarding price.

Trader Mamun Hossain at the Boro Bazar area said today that many farmers are harvesting immature litchi with the hope of getting more money. Sipra Roy, a customer, expressed his satisfaction over the litchi prices.

Another customer, Suvo Khan, a banker said “The prices are satisfactory, thanks to the large quantities of fruits in stock. I hope the prices will decline after the availability.”