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Easthands: A Source of Pride for British Bangladeshis

Bangla Mirror Desk:
London, 29 June 2024: Established in 2020, Easthands Charity aims to serve humanity globally and promote local community development in Britain. With everyone’s support, numerous projects have already been successfully implemented in a short time. To announce the construction of a multipurpose center in Sylhet and update on past activities, Easthands Charity held a press conference on Friday, 24 June, at 2:30 PM at the prestigious Grand Rasoi Restaurant in East London. The conference was chaired by Easthands Charity Trust Chairman, journalist Nobab Uddin, and conducted by journalist and Easthands Charity CEO ASM Masum. Distinguished speakers included businessman and Travellink Worldwide Director Sami Sanaullah, Bank of Asia CEO A.B.M. Kamrul Huda Azad, former Councillor Ataur Rahman, former Chairman of Tower Hamlets Badminton Club and Easthands Charity Trustee Babul Hoque, Takwa Badminton Club Chairman M. Abdul Munim Jahedi Karol, President of the London Bangla Press Club Mohammad Jubair, former President Syed Nahas Pasha, former Vice President Mahbub Rahman, General Secretary Taysir Mahmud, Treasurer journalist Shaleh Ahmed, former Executive Member Ahad Chowdhury Babu, Principal Accountant of Mahi & Co Abu Taher, talented player Mahidul Islam Chowdhury, Volunteer Coordinator Rumana Rakhi, young and talented badminton coaches Sohan Khan and Habib Rahman, Bangladesh Center General Secretary M. Delwar Hossain, and former ELM Director Delwar Khan, among others.
In his speech, Easthands Charity Trust Chairman journalist Nobab Uddin said, “Easthands Charity Trust is a source of pride for British Bangladeshis. We are proud and delighted to present Easthands Charity’s activities over the past year and future plans. Your support, advice, and participation have enriched our organisation, for which we are grateful.”
Over the past year, Easthands Charity has worked not only in Bangladesh, the Middle East, and Africa but also in local community development in Britain. In Bangladesh, they provided food assistance to the poor and helpless, gifted sewing machines to empower women, and donated wheelchairs to the elderly and disabled. These projects were led by their ambassador, Poly Rahman. Financial assistance was also provided to various religious institutions, and support was given to the under-construction Shamshernagar Hospital. Additionally, they supported educational activities for blind, mute, and deaf children in Sylhet and Barisal and distributed food and gifts to the needy during Ramadan and Eid.
In drought-stricken Somaliland, their safe water distribution programme continues. Easthands Charity also partnered with Human Appeal to deliver aid at the Turkey-Syria border following a devastating earthquake and provided food and medical assistance to Palestine through Al Khair Foundation.
In the UK, Easthands Charity has worked on local community development over the past year. With NHS North England’s fund, they provided regular surgeries for about 100 families affected by the cost of living crisis, offering various consultations. They conducted vegetable garden training programs for 30 families in Newham and Tower Hamlets and provided carbon reduction training to at least 300 people under the National Lottery’s Community Fund and Tower Hamlets Council’s support. They are grateful to the London Bangla Press Club and Apasen for participating in this project, and they appreciate Dr. Zaki Rezwana Anwar for leading the workshop, with assistance from journalist K.M. Abu Taher Chowdhury. Additionally, with Birmingham City Council’s support, 50 people participated in environmental workshops. Health preservation through gardening with Albert Hunt’s help and a carbon reduction project with Crane Valley’s support were conducted in West London.
Last year’s charitable badminton tournament saw participation from 220 players, raising a total of £5,000. Easthands Charity is grateful to trustees Babul Haque, Ataur Rahman, Habib Rahman, Fakrul, M. Abdul Munim Jahedi Carol, and Mahid Chowdhury for their roles in this project’s success. This year’s charity badminton tournament will be held on Sunday, 21 July, at Redbridge Sports Centre, with over 200 players expected to participate. The funds raised will support blind, mute, and differently-abled children.
Currently, with the Greater London Authority’s fund, weekly badminton and football training is being conducted for children aged 9 to 19 over a two-year period. Young and talented coach Suhan Khan leads the badminton training, while Ahad Chowdhury Babu oversees football training. Additionally, a sightseeing project will be organised for children of the same age group.
You will be pleased to know that Easthands Charity has achieved some institutional successes in a short time. This year, Easthands Charity was nominated for the King’s Award for its contributions to the charity sector, which has encouraged us. Additionally, our Volunteer Coordinator Rumana Rakhi received the Best Female Volunteer Award from Tower Hamlets Council.
We started our journey with a commitment to work for differently-abled children. Our dream is to create a center in Bangladesh up to British standards, where differently-abled children and adolescents can experience a new way of life. All our projects continue towards the goal of building such a multipurpose center. A generous British Bangladeshi family has pledged to donate 25 decimals  of land near Sylhet city with excellent communication facilities. We seek your support to make this project a reality. We welcome anyone willing to join as a donor.
Easthands Charity will continue to be a source of pride for British Bangladeshis with your support. Stay well and stay healthy.