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Mango sprouting creates eye-catching looks in Sylhet

As the winter season says goodbye, hundreds and thousands of mango trees have started

sprouting during the last couple of weeks buds rapidly in Sylhet region, traditionally known as the hub of the delicious fruit.

The blooming mango flowering at this stage predicts an excellent production of the most popular fruit in the region this season, if the climatic condition remains favourable till its harvesting,

A Horticulturist said that the prevailing climatic conditions are suitable for mango flowering and budding and thousands of mango trees have already worn eye-catching looks with huge blooms.

Around 55 to 60 percent mango trees have already been sprouted buds in Sylhet while 65 to 70 percent in Sylhet as the suitable climate has been prevailing for the farming and the rest trees are expected to be sprouted by mid March in some cases.

Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), said the farmers have been caring and taking measures to make mango farming successful everywhere. The farmers should have to contact with the agriculture officers at the field levels and control the attacks by hoppers and some other pests’ attacks on the mango flowers, if any, for better mango formations and productions.

After witnessing the present condition both the growers and the officials are very optimism over an expected yield of the seasonal fruit.

The number of growing mango trees has been increasing in the region for the last couple of years following rising among all sections of people.

Mango, the leading seasonal cash crop of the northwestern region, commands the overall economy of Sylhet districts.

Farming of mango has been increasing every year and the gardeners are earning huge profits by cultivating high yielding and hybrid varieties like Amropali side by side with the traditional and popular indigenous varieties.

The farmers and villagers have been showing more interests in mango farming, one of the most important seasonal cash crops of the region in recent years with a view to increase its productions and achieve economic wellbeing.

With expansion of mango farming everywhere in the region, large numbers of people are becoming engaged in different jobs from nursing to marketing every year during the whole mango season.

On the other hand, Bangladesh can emerge as a mango exporting nation in near future if the prospects in the mango farming sector are properly utilized and explored.