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Liberation War Museum celebrates 19th anniv

31The Liberation War Museum is hosting a weeklong cultural festival to celebrate its 19th founding anniversary as well as the Independence Day at its Segun Bagicha office in Dhaka. The event, which began on Sunday, is featuring dance, music,  recitation and theatre – presented by different cultural  organisations and culturally-based student organisations every

evening.On the opening day on Sunday, painter Biren Shome  delivered a speech on the contributions of artists in the war of  liberation. The day also featured dance and musical performances of  cultural organisation Spandan, students of West End High  School and Khilgaon Girls School and College. Members of  Kotha Abritti Charcha Kendra also presented a group recitation.

On the second day, members of Swarachitra Abritti Charcha O  Bikash Kendra presented a compilation of poems glorifying the  war and the tremendous sacrifices that went into it. Members of Kranti Shilpi Goshthi presented several patriotic  songs including Lakkho Lakkho Pran-er Binimoye, while  musical troupe Anandan presented songs such as Swadhin  Swadhin Dike Dike, Jhar Jhanjha Mrittu and Bhul Noy Kono  Bhul Noy. Students of Lake Circus Girl’s High School presented a chorus performance of songs including Teer Hara Oi Dhewer Sagor  and Ami Banglar Gaan Gai. Students of Azimpur Girls School  and College also presented a dance recital synchronised with  the song Bishwa Cheye Achhe Jwole Utho. Meanwhile, Natyabhumi staged Kalantor, written and directed  respectively by Zinnah Haque and Apu Aman. The play highlights the growing frustration among people who feel betrayed and neglected despite so-called pro-people movements  since 1952. The museum has also organised a book fair with books dealing with issues and events related to the war at its premises. The Segun Bagicha festival coincided with another programme  that the museum is organising in Mirpur to mark the atrocities committed during the war. Members of Sangbritta Abritti

Charcha Kendra, Charubak, Dhaka Swattik, and other organisations are performing in the three-day event.