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This is how US President and First Lady stay fit!

52Cornell McClellan, Michelle Obama’s personal trainer for the past 18 years, has revealed how the first lady maintains her fitness.
McClellan, who also trains POTUS as well said at an event that, it seems that the older they get, the more consistent they need to be and the duo have aged in the past six years, they have gotten more consistent, the Washington Post reported.
First lady’s personal trainer asserted that Michelle and Barack won’t take two or three or four weeks off from working out during busy schedules but get their workouts in as they believe it is what powers them through each and every day.
He continued that he may have them do something explosive before a series of squats or some calisthenics or plyometrics before a strength exercise and he likes to “pre-fatigue” some muscles before demanding a set.
McClellan added that the times of day might change for the workout but it always happens, even if the President and first lady have to get up earlier or stay up later as believe that this is a lifestyle for them. (ANI)