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Raid if sugar is not sold at govt-fixed rate: Tipu Munshi

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi on Thursday said that the market monitoring team will start raids to ensure that sugar is being sold at prices fixed by Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission (BTTC).

The minister also said they would consider importing onions if its price continues to rise.

The commerce minister made the statement in response to reporters’ questions after a courtesy call by Helena Konig, deputy secretary general for Economic and Global Affairs of the European Union, at the ministry on Thursday afternoon.

The minister said that due to the increase in the price of sugar in the international market the new price has been fixed.

Traders including Bangladesh Sugar Refiners Association have been informed to sell loose sugar at Tk 120 per kg and packaged sugar at Tk 125 per kg as per the recommendation of the BTTC, Munshi said.

“Instructions will be issued to the concerned authorities including the National Consumer Protection Directorate, and District Administration to see whether they are selling sugar in the market at this price or not,” he added.

The price of onions in the market has increased a lot within a short time. When asked about the government’s action in this regard, the minister said that if the price continues to rise like this, initiatives would be taken to import onion from India soon.

“Imports have been cut as domestic onion production is adequate. The market is being monitored. If the price of onion continues to rise, imports will be considered,” the minister said.