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It is not possible to change the fate of the people of the country without systemic change Comrade Mujahidul Islam Salim



By Matiar Chowdhury:


The rich are getting richer, the number of poor people is increasing

in the country every day, the control of the country is now in the hands of the syndicates, the

government is also hostage to the syndicates. This situation will continue if the current

system is not changed. Comrade Mujahidul Islam Selim said. Comrade Mujahidul, a member

of the Central Committee and former president of the Central Committee of the Communist

Party of Bangladesh, former vice-president (VP) of the Dhaka University Central Students'

Union, veteran politician Comrade Mujahidul addressed the public meeting organized by the

Bangladesh Communist Party UK and Europe Committee at the Micro Business Center in

East London at 5:00 PM on Monday, April 1 London time. Islam Salim said.

He said that the country's politics is now under the control of the rich class. Earlier all the

politicians were middle class and today's politicians are all millionaires. Father of the Nation

Bangabandhu worked in an insurance company, Taj Uddin Ahmed was a teacher, and Syed

Nazrul Islam was an advocate. None of them were millionaires. Nowadays MP Minister has

become a profitable business.

Are we able to achieve the goal that the country became independent with? According to

official statistics, in the last 16 years, 11 thousand crore rupees have been smuggled out of

the country. Billionaire politicians don't care about common people. It is not possible to

change the fate of common people without systematic changes in the governance of the

country. Comrade Mujahidul Islam Salim is in London on a three-week personal visit.

British Communist Party President Ruth Stiles, RMT President Alex Gordon, Bangladesh

Medical Society President Dr. Rafiqul Hasan Khan Jinnah addressed the rally held under the

chairmanship of UK Communist Party President Comrade Advocate Abed Ali Abid and UK

Communist Party Presidium Member Solicitor Comrade Shahriar Bin Ali. Bangladeshi

Workers Council Leader Jahanara Rahman Jolly, Youth Union President Iftekharul Haque


Friends of Students Union General Secretary Golam Akbar Mukta, Udichi General Secretary

Juber Akhtar Suhail, Basad Marxist leader Mustafa Farooq, Left Alliance leader Bablu

Khandkar, Dr. Akhtar Sobhan Masroor on behalf of Oil Gas Raksha Andolan and others.

Comrade Dr. Selimuzzaman Bhuiyan read the written message of Tudeh Party of Iran leader

Nabid Sumali in the gathering.