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5 ways to break the ice at college

40From striking some cool conversations to cracking the chemistry with your crush, we bring to you some very easy tips that will help you to break the ice on your new campus Surely, your first brush with your new college life was an eclectic mix of nervousness, excitement, pretty crushes and a sense of anxiety. But there are still many who are wondering how to break that thick wall of ice that’s between you and the new faces that you come across everyday on the campus. Well, we bring to you some cool tips on how to break the great wall and befriend a new gang as you warm up to the campus life oozing with fresh and new faces.It’s quite natural to feel a little lost and lonely during the first few days of college, but one has to be a little patient and remember that its always better that the ice breaks naturally and not forcefully, adds Mitwa Shah, a second-year commerce student. “As freshers, we all feel a little lost, but make sure that you keep your mind open and observe as much as possible. Stepping from that comfort zone to a completely new place and carving a niche for yourself won’t happen in one day, so take one step at a time. As juniors, be cordial to everyone you meet. Make funny yet smart conversations. The more you are open to meet new people, the sooner you will find peers with the same wavelength as yours.”One of the easiest way to crack the equation is being present at all the orientation programmes and events, adds Mamta Keswani, a third-year commerce student. “Our college has this annual event at the beginning of a new academic year, where the seniors interact with juniors and inform them about several things about college. From guiding them about how to tackle any difficult situation on the premises to helping them in terms of studies, this event automatically breaks the ice. So it’s a must that juniors do not bunk these events and attend them.”With various kinds of apps making our lives a little less complicated, one way to stay connected with seniors and build a rapport is by being on various groups that are now formed on the mobile messaging app. Says Priyanka Maheshwari, a second year student, “This is one very easy way to meet new people and break the ice. As a lot of students from the new batches take part in various inter-college competitions and those that happen at state levels, there are many known faces. Also exchanging numbers and being part of social messaging groups of their interests is one sure way of befriending your seniors.”  “Though it may seem daunting at the beginning, one has to break the ice both with their classmates as well as seniors. One way of doing that is by being a team player. Take part in various events and college level festivals. Not only will this help you to enhance your interpersonal skills, but it’s also quite a fun way to break the ice. Try and always remain calm, observant and be positive to deal with varied situations,” opines Rohan Maheshwari, a CA final-year student.College life is all about experimenting, so ditch those fancy coffee shops and bask in the glory of nature and your forever open canteen, that’s always brimming with young souls. “Head to your college canteen or surrounding ‘kattas’ and talk to seniors and juniors; this is the best way to make friends. In fact, there are higher chances of befriending your seniors at the college canteen by sharing their popular canteen food and thereby breaking the ice. Always have a few important conversations up your sleeve and don’t be afraid to strike one too. Remember, seniors are as skeptical as you are,” adds Divye Gupta a commerce graduate. So, take a note of these simple points and get ready to get into one of the most happening phases of your life.                                           – TNN