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Martyr Zia will always be on the history

45No one can erase Martyr Zia’s role from the history, however and whatever propaganda and conspiracy are being made against him.  He will always be in people’s heart for his benevolent work and heroic activities.  Speakers attending the discussion meeting told this which was organised to mark 37th anniversary of formation of BNP.  The discussion meeting was held on 10th of September in a restaurant in Brighton organised by Sussex BNP.
The meeting was presided over by the President of Sussex branch Haji Rafique Miah and conducted by Sussex branch’s newly elected General Secretary Taher  Uddin.  Other speakers in the discussion meeting included organisation’s Vice-President BNP leader Tofjul Hossain, Vice-President of Sussex BNP Abdul Mannan, Abdul Manik, Milik Chowdhury, Joint Secretary Saiful Alam, Organising Secretary Bakhtiar Khan, Treasurer Badiul Alam, Publicity Secretary Jillur Rahman Ator Ali, Advisor Mahtab Miah, Rafique Miah, Co-General Secretary Jakaria Ahmed, Co-Organising Secretary Mohammod Wahid, Science and Research Secretary Abdul Muhit Koyes, Co-Treasurer Abdul Jalil, Education Secretary Milad Hossain, Welfare Secretary Nurul Islam, executive member Kabir Ahmed Humayun, Nanu Miah and others.
Faruque Miah recited from the Quran in the beginning.  The speakers mentioned that former President Ziaur Rahman formed the BNP which ensured the multi-party democracy, law and order and freedom of news media in Bangladesh.  His 19 point activities are well praised in Bangladesh and in abroad.  The speakers prayed for the peace of incorporeal soul of Martyr Zia and urged everyone to work collectively.