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Summer and sundresses!

The inglorious Bangladeshi summer is here with a drumroll, or rather, heatwaves! Call it what you will, but summers do allow us a lot of liberty in terms of fashion. One can experiment with sleeves, cuts, colours and most importantly, silhouettes. Sundresses are an eternal favourite for summer. Easy, breezy and beautiful — what’s not to like? In fact, a survey had proven that women wearing sundresses exude more confidence and appear chic and pulled together.

Its very shape and cut are genius in that it tapers at the waist giving its wearer an hourglass shape instantly. Draped graciously across the hips, it beautifully enhances the feminine form. Whatever one’s body type may be — tall, short, curvy, straight — a sundress always gives a cinched, flattering shape.

Embracing curves and creating shape where there is none, a sundress is your best friend! Hence, we have put together the ultimate guide so you can pick the perfect sundress for a wondrous summer!

Sundresses are as versatile as they come. Long, mid-length or short, it really depends on the wearer’s preference. In terms of sleeves, again the options are endless. Sleeveless, spaghetti strap, off-shouldered — every style is unique and equally stylish. Another fun twist is the ‘cold shoulder’ style that is fabulously trendy and chic. In 2023, skinny straps are having a moment thanks to the return of the great 90’s styles. Tie-ups at the shoulder or down the back are also chic in a bohemian way. Off-shouldered styles are sexy, sweet and show just the right amount of skin. Channel your inner free-spirited diva and choose an off-shouldered long sundress with smocked top!

Cut-outs are another detail that is hot and happening right now. Around the waist, under the bust or at the shoulders or hips — cut-outs are incredibly sexy and attractive. What’s more, they keep you cool and calm too! Eyelets are another detail that are highly favoured by everyone because if their breathability and chicness!

For sundresses, cotton and linen are the unanimous choices because of their inherent qualities of keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. While they are staples, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries!

After all, we only live once! Having said that, choose breathable fabrics such as French chiffon, georgette, crêpe dé chine or lightweight satin too! Solid colours are just as cool as prints right now. Pastel shades such as mint, azure, peach, peony pink, lilac and primrose yellow are forever favourites. Satins in pastel colours look incredibly beautiful. Prints are also having a moment, especially florals. Think unusual flower prints such as lilies, peonies and hydrangeas a la Dolce and Gabbana. Smaller florals such as daisies, baby’s breath and hyacinths are very cute too.

Aussie fashion label Zimmermann does the most exquisite sundresses that are one of a kind and very chic. Think offbeat florals layered with massive eyelet details, ruffles and embroideries! They are a sundress lover’s dream and a treasure trove of inspiration. Perfect for summer days and nights, sundresses are made for those languorous days filled with sun, sand, nostalgia and memories!