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Exploring the Impact of British Bangladeshis on British Society


The Centre for British Bangladeshis (CfBB) is set to present this dynamic seminar on 24th August 2023 at 7 pm at the Kobi Nazrul Centre – 30 Hanbury Street, London E1, 6QR.

The event will be featured by Dr Jamil Sherif, a prominent Research Analyst with a strong background in examining sociocultural dynamics. Dr Sherif’s research acumen and in-depth understanding of migration patterns will offer valuable insights into the development of British Bangladeshis in the UK. His expertise extends to examining the socio-economic landscape and integration challenges this vibrant community faces.

Barrister Zayd Ahmed is joining Dr Sherif on stage, the esteemed Chair of the Youth Criminal Bar Association in London. With a wealth of legal experience, Mr Ahmed’s perspective promises to provide an intriguing exploration of the legal and societal aspects of British Bangladeshis’ development. His insights into the challenges and opportunities encountered by this community within the legal framework of the UK will offer a unique angle to the discussion.

The event aims to shed light on the profound impact of British Bangladeshis on British society. It will encompass discussions on cultural enrichment, economic contributions, and the broader implications of their integration journey. Attendees can expect a thoughtful and nuanced exploration of how this community has navigated challenges while contributing to the vibrant fabric of British society.

We are excited to bring together these two brilliant speakers, each a thought leader in their respective fields. Their insights will provide a comprehensive understanding of the complex impact of British Bangladeshis on British society.

The event is open to the public, and attendees can look forward to engaging presentations, an interactive Q&A session, and networking opportunities.

Please book your place via Eventbrite or by sending a direct email –



limited places. First come first serve. Refreshment.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Cllr Dr Jamal Uddin – Chair, CfBB (Mobile: 07940 991816)

Dilowar Khan – Secretary, CfBB (Mobile: 07958003585)