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Himu commits suicide over love affair, addiction to gambling, says RAB

Actress Humaira Nusrat Himu was addicted to gambling, said Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

RAB arrested Mohammad Ziauddin, “lover” of Humaira Nusrat Himu, in connection with her suicide. Ziauddin is also known as ‘Ziauddin Rufi alias Urfi Zia.’ He has been shown arrested in a case filed by Himu’s aunt with Uttara West Police Station.

Commander Khondker Al Moin, director of the Legal and Media Wing of RAB, held a press conference at the RAB Media Centre in the capital on Friday evening.

He said, “Himu was addicted to online gambling. Himu borrowed a large sum of money from Urfi Zia over the past four months to play gambling online. They had altercations over the money and marriage between them. At one stage, Himu committed suicide.”

Earlier, Himu threatened Urfi four to five times to commit suicide. But, she did not do so. There was an altercation between them on Thursday. Himu also threatened to commit suicide on that day. But, Rufi didn’t pay any heed to the threat. “Just at that time, Himu committed suicide commenting that can’t I die?” Later, Zia rushed her to a hospital at Uttara.

On the basis of questioning the accused, Commander Khondker Al Moin said Zia married Himu’s maternal cousin in 2014 and they got divorced due to family problems. Zia got acquainted with Himu because of family relation. Though he got divorced with Himu’s cousin, there was regular contact between him and Himu.

“Both Zia and Himu came close four months ago. At one stage, Zia started visiting Himu’s house regularly and they decided to get wedlocked,” the RAB official said.

Commander Khondker Al Moin said both Zia and Himu used to get involved in altercation and quarrel on different issues. Besides, Himu wasted a large amount of money being addicted to BIGO Live App over the last two to three years. They had frequent altercations over these issues.

On Thursday evening, Himu was rushed to a hospital after recovering from an unconscious state at her own flat in a building at Road No. 2 under Sector 10 of Uttara in the capital. Later, doctors there pronounced her dead.