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BNP banned from election

34Ansar Ahmed Ullah ::

The UK Electoral Commission has   struck off the far right racist British National Party (BNP) as a political party after it failed to renew its registration.
Under UK law, all political parties are required to make submission every year detailing their structure, registered address, along with fee to the Electoral Commission.
Failure to do that means that the BNP cannot stand candidates in elections or be considered a political party any more.
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said Britain was a ‘little better off today because of this news’.
‘Today is a victory for the thousands of people and organisations like Hope Not Hate who worked to make the case for an inclusive, welcoming and outward-looking nation.’
The BNP has been in a state of steady decline over the past few years, following the rise of other hard right and far right parties.
In 2014 the party lost all its MEPs and all but two of its councillors nationwide. Following a disastrous set of local elections Nick Griffin was ousted last year.
While the BNP has been de-registered Britain First, another far right group with its one million Facebook supporters, will be standing in elections this year. In addition to UKIP’s whip up fear and hatred of immigrants next month Stephen Lennon, the former leader of the EDL, will take to the streets with the new anti-Muslim organisation Pegida.