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Types of coffees and how to order them

Even if coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, a good many of us get confused about what to order, owing to the variety of drinks that can be made with it. Well, save yourself the anxiety because here’s a guide to ordering coffees that will make you fall in love with java all over again!


Only for the most serious coffee drinkers, an espresso is an extremely concentrated drink, with only a little bit of hot water for consistency. Since there is a good amount of coffee in the beverage, it is served in small shots, and one shot is enough to keep you on your toes for a long time. While it is a little bitter, the espresso is less enjoyed for its taste profile and more for the adrenaline rush it provides.


Coffee fan or not, everyone has heard of the cappuccino. An espresso-based drink, the cappuccino derives its name from the Austrian Kapuziner. Often sold as the best coffee for the morning, a hot cup of this beverage is made by adding equal parts of milk and foam into one-third of the espresso. Thanks to its strong coffee base, the cappuccino is the sharpest of all of its other counterparts.


A much creamier version of the cappuccino, the latte is Italian for “milk coffee”. Those who enjoy their cuppa less strong should skip the cappuccino and reach for this option instead. With more milk and foam than espresso, a latte can be served both hot and cold, depending on preference.


Another popular option when it comes to coffee, a Frappuccino is a drink accidentally created by Starbucks — in fact, they still own the trademarks for it! Another espresso-based drink, it has cream blended with iced coffee to give it its signature texture. Caffeine-free options are also available when it comes to the Frappuccino so it helps to ask your barista the next time you crave a decaf version of your beloved frappe.


Easily the most fun option for coffee, the mocha is a hot (or cold) beverage consisting of layers of espresso, milk and yummy chocolate. While the coffee is said to originate from moka beans in Yemen, it was popularised globally by Italian coffee houses. For those who love chocolate and coffee, this could be your favourite midday guilty pleasure.


Those who are looking for a no-frills, no-nonsense cup of coffee to fuel and bolster themselves up for the day, should blindly choose the Americano over any other type. A drink that was served to soldiers in World War II, the strong espresso drink resembles the black coffee from Italy and is made by diluting a shot of espresso in hot water — it is strong enough to carry you through the day, or night — for that matter.


Almost a dessert, the affogato is a delicious combination of a scoop of vanilla ice cream and hot expresso. An ideal pick for those with a sweet tooth, the beverage can be made with any espresso topped with chocolate or caramel drizzle.